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Desert Conservation Field Trip, May 16-17, 2008
Posted by sfbaka on 2008/4/14 13:51:08 (3026 reads)

The next desert fish conservation trip will be on May 16-17, 2008.

The location is just south of Bishop to work on a spring system there that has a small population of pupfish.

There will be several tasks including cutting cattails (lots of cattails), trapping and dip netting mosquitofish and crayfish.

We will be working on land owned by LA power and water and at least one of their staff will be working with us. We will need to be sensitive to their wishes while working there as we need to ensure good relations, otherwise future work there may not be possible.

There will be more details to come.

Please visit
or post to

to request information

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October 5, 2007 Desert Conservation Trip
Posted by sfbaka on 2007/9/23 18:35:13 (2748 reads)

This year's second conservation field trip will be on October 5 , 2007 at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

We will meet at the refuge office at 9:00 am on Oct. 5. The work will be finished on Oct. 6.

We will be camping on the refuge (except for those who
prefer to "camp out" at nearby Longstreet Hotel and
Casino). On Friday evening there will be our traditional
barbecue dinner.

For more details contact Douglas Habersaat at

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Desert Conservation Spring 2006 Field Trip
Posted by sfbaka on 2006/2/1 10:30:00 (2792 reads)

The next field trip will be on March 17 & 18, 2006.

More details to follow as they become available.

For more information on our conservation efforts, which started in 1992, see

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Desert Conservation Field Trip Autum 2005
Posted by sfbaka on 2005/9/1 11:30:00 (2530 reads)

Desert Springs Action Committee Autumn Fieldtrip to Ash Meadows, Nevada.

October 14th and 15th, 2005

Yearly we travel to Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge to perform hands-on restoration and recovery work for native fish species there. This work benefits three threatened and endangered killifish species as well as one dace species. Education is also a primary focus of our outings so all ages are welcome (and non-aquarists too).

Projects chosen to enhance native fish habitats on the refuge are overseen by US Fish and Wildlife Service personnel and by our science advisor Peter Unmack. Work difficulty ranges from strenuous to negligible depending on your inclination.

This happening is always a good time, and a chance to socialize with other killikeepers around the campfire after a day of work and sightseeing in the refuge. Attendance of about a dozen people is typical, but past trips have attracted nearly 30 individuals. Typically, we camp on the refuge or you can stay in luxury at the Longstreet Casino a few miles away (discounts are available).

I cannot stress enough how gratifying it is to know I have made a difference toward these speciesí survival. For more information, please visit the DSAC website:

See you in the desert!

Bruce Bernard

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