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San Francisco
Bay Area Killifish Association

BAKA's purpose is to support and promote the killifish hobby in our region, the nation, and the world. Through our activities, we aim to educate our members and the public, and to foster a caring conservation attitude to help preserve these unusual fishes, everywhere.

These days we keep in touch mostly through Facebook. Please checkout out the San Francisco Bay Area Killifish Association Facebook group for current events and discussions

The News section will provide information about our meetings and current events and will indicate ongoing activities that may interest you

The Forum section is a bulletin board that allows users to post questions and view our gallery of killifish photos. If you prefer email to a BBS, you can also subscribe to the BAKA Email list; please lookup the left-hand menu on the home page.

The Articles section currently contains lists of fish being maintained by some BAKA members.



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